Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tims Summer (So far)

So here is the story of Tims summer:
June 1 Tim and Dawn go away on their anniversary trip. They return later that week and the next weekend was spent chipping away the tile and glue of the existing kitchen floor. Great family time and an open invitation to any friend that wanted to help. Come Monday Dawn goes to work and Tim, Austin and Siena start the wood flooring project. After two days Tim has to go on duty for 5 days and returns for two. On June 10th Tim's shift started that seemed like all summer. Here and there he got a few days off but was mostly on duty for over 45 days. He stayed here in Riverside County going to local fires till the end where he got to sleep under the stars in Merced, California. (Near Yosemite). As of this week Tim has his first 4 day, normal, days off. The four days off were utilized to hang French Doors leading out to to Park Tim (next post). It looks like a long summer.

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